Weird West announces key bug fixes for upcoming patch


Weird West has revealed some big upcoming fixes, including crashing, Bounty Missions and more.

Surprise hit Weird West has just revealed their final sneak peek ahead of the June 21st update, listing all of the key bug fixes that players can expect to see.

Here’s the tweet from WolfEye Studios’ official feed:

The post also links to a very extensive list of bugs, and although it isn’t actually complete, there are some pretty big changes to break down.

The first noticeable bug on WolfEye’s list is the frequent crashing. That can be natural for indie games, which might have growing pains due to budget restraints, but it has been a particular issue for Weird West.

For now, the devs have focused on longplay crashing and “a couple of others”. It’s important to note that these changes might only be effective if you begin a brand-new playthrough. This isn’t really the answer fans wanted, but WolfEye does promise to continue working on it, aiming for a hotfix.

Next, a few of the problems that were preventing progression have been resolved. This includes NPC behavior and Bounty Missions.

For example, bounty targets weren’t leveling up, and they were sometimes already dead, which could be funny if it weren’t a waste of time. Fans should be pleased that Bounty locations will properly change now. That redundancy was possibly even worse.

One of the biggest fixes is hidden deep within the lengthy post today, which addresses faulty cover. It can be very frustrating to take cover behind obstacles or bushes and still take hits. Pokemon Legends: Arceus had similar problems, but lines of sight are even more crucial in Weird West’s genre.

The devs have invited the fans themselves to leave a comment about any bugs that aren’t directly addressed in the list, so they can personally double-check if it will be included in tomorrow’s patch. The full list of bug fixes is available on the official post.

You can read more about Weird West and other indie hits in our news section!

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