Where A Tulip Starts – 7 Little Words


Here is the answer for clue Where A Tulip Starts in today’s 7 Little Words, which we hope helps you solve the day’s puzzle!

7 Little Words is a puzzle game that has a daily puzzle, along with bonus puzzles, that is a fun game to play that doesn’t take up too much of your time. There are seven clues provided, where the clue describes a word, and then there are 20 different partial words (two to three letters) that can be joined together to create the answers. If you’re looking for the answer to the 7 Little Words clue Where A Tulip Starts, we have the answer below.

Where A Tulip Starts 7 Little Words Answer

If you’ve been trying to put together words and are coming up empty for the 7 Little Words clue Where A Tulip Starts in today’s puzzle, here is the answer!

  • BULB (4 letters)

Occasionally, some clues may be used more than once, so check for the letter length if there are multiple answers above as that’s usually how they’re distinguished or else by what letters are available in today’s puzzle.

Clue & Answer Definitions

  • BULB (noun)
    1. electric lamp consisting of a transparent or translucent glass housing containing a wire filament (usually tungsten) that emits light when heated by electricity.
    2. lower or hindmost part of the brain; continuous with spinal cord; (`bulb’ is an old term for medulla oblongata).

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