Where to find Mankey in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet


We’ll walk you through the process of locating a Mankey spawn in Pokemon Violet and Scarlet!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will have you exploring an open-world looking to capture the elusive creatures that inhabit it! While most Pokemon are straightforward to catch, some can be a bit harder to find and will elude capture. If you are looking for Mankey to add to your collection, we’ll show you where you can find it in this guide!

Where to find Mankey

To get Mankey in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you will need to head to West Province (Area One), which is just northwest of the city of Cortondo. If you head to this location, you will eventually find yourself a Mankey spawn. They are a Fighting-type Pokemon, which spawn around level 15 in this area.

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Mankey Location Map ImagePokemon Scarlet Violet Mankey Location Map Image
Credit to AggronHD for the map

The Mankey should be around this area, but you might need to return to town and head back to see if another has spawned. You can also catch a couple of Pokemon that spawn here to trigger additional spawns that might end up being a Mankey!

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You should now have enough information to locate yourself a Mankey! You will find a variety of other great content on the game in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet section of our website.

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