Wild Hearts announces new gameplay trailer featuring Golden Tempest


Wild Hearts will reveal gameplay of Golden Tempest and a new weapon tomorrow!

Wild Hearts, the upcoming Monster Hunter-like RPG inspired by feudal Japan, has revealed that a new gameplay video will be released tomorrow, January 26th, 2023. The game’s official YouTube channel has it set for 6:58 AM pacific time.

The new PlayStation 5 gameplay will feature three hunters battling the Golden Tempest, a tiger-like monster, as well as a new weapon. Here’s the announcement from Wild Hearts’ feed:

This collaboration between EA and Koei Tecmo continues to offer up promising creature design, with very appealing details and cultural influences.

The Golden Tempest looks both formidable and interesting, and it’ll be great to discover their unique behavior after the monster was revealed in the recent Game Awards Trailer. You can review that footage here, where the Golden Tempest was a standout among the other monster reveals:

The art design is the main distinguishable element of Wild Hearts, since a lot of its structural core closely resembles Monster Hunter. Because the gameplay loop won’t be enough to justify Wild Hearts breaking Monster Hunter’s monopoly over the sub-genre, it’ll be important to see more combat, which has proven a little divisive in previous trailer.

Either way, the Karakuri technology is a neat way to combine combat with map traversal. The devs really got creative with its flexibility. So, although there’s been a lot of speculation about what kind of weapon will be revealed, it’s difficult to tell. Tomorrow’s trailer will feature cooperative gameplay, so it’d be nice to see a weapon that benefits teamwork.

Many fans also took the opportunity to continue asking for a demo. Naturally, there’s a lot of curiosity about how Wild Hearts will actually feel. As long as it runs smoothly, alongside immersive interactions, the setting and monsters should be a fantastic alternative to Monster Hunter.

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